Sporting Injuries

Sporting injuries not only keep you off the field, but can interrupt your daily activities and work too. How frustrating!
Our osteopath is experienced treating participants in a number of sports and varying levels of competition. Our intention is to facilitate your body’s effort to self-heal your injuries. We can help with injury prevention, acute management and rehabilitation to guide you back to the sport you love.
Common sports injuries include: 
  • Overuse injuries – muscle strains/tears, tendinopathy, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures
  • Acute injuries – joint sprains, ligament ruptures, muscle strains, meniscus tears, return to sport post-fracture or dislocation
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We will work with you to find the most appropriate way to manage your injury. Sometimes that means sending for scans (x-ray, MRI or  ultrasound) or referral to a different health professional (GP, podiatrist, sports doctor etc) for further intervention.