Pregnancy is a time of incredible change. Within a short period of time, your body must adapt to accommodate your growing child and to prepare for childbirth.

Changes over the months of pregnancy include:

  • Hormone surges
  • Weight gain
  • Altered centre of gravity
  • Increased blood volume
  • Rotation of the hips, increased spinal curves, pelvic tilts

All of these changes are 100% normal and essential. But with so much going on, some women will experience discomfort as their body adapts. Sometimes old complaints will rear their head again, or new aches and pains begin.


.Common Complaints During Pregnancy

Low back pain
Pelvic pain
Rib pain
Upper back pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



Osteopathic Treatment for Mums-To-Be

Manual therapy may provide relief from pelvic and back pain, more than usual care alone (1). Osteopaths carefully select appropriate techniques for pregnant women, which may include massage, joint mobilisation and stretching. Each pregnancy and woman is different, so treatment is highly individualised at this important stage of life.

Part of your consultation will be spent discussing simple exercises to keep your body mobile and maintain muscle strength. For most women keeping active during pregnancy is important and can help to manage aches and pains away from the treatment room.

To find out more about our osteopath can help with your pregnancy-related pain, get in touch today!



(1) Pennick, V. & Liddle, SD. (2013). Interventions for preventing and treating pelvic and back pain in pregnancy. Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 1(8). doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD001139.pub3.

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